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and click on the chat link online. A representative of service the customer will respond through our online chat support system. Like AOL Instant Messenger, you can chat electronically. Our online chat feature was very popular and proved to be efficient with our customers. In the online chat, Java required. It contains a link to the website to download the latest version of Java on demand. Telephone support is available from Monday to Friday from 10 to 19 by calling (801) 434-8582. (with your long distance phone company may charge) for support and send postal services of United States overnight, a: 1303 StoresOnline n. research as service United States Bldg K Orem, Utah 84097 customer: main fax number 801-1 434.8582: 1801. q: 226.8848 to communicate with StoresOnline, I see me as a merchant? A: that was assigned to you by a customer ID number StoresOnline. We use the identification number of the widespread customer in StoresOnline, to identify you and the files and functions in connection with your account. Customer identification number was written in the active input operator (form including passwords and numbers of Windows license). If you communicate by email with StoresOnline, via fax or phone, enter your chat client ID. online, please this will help to avoid the speed of communication and confusion.Q: how long does it take until my Windows create and make money? A: it is a bit like an airline to ask how much a ticket? Or questions you need a doctor, how long to recover. The answer depends on many variables, and without much specific information, there is no response would be unrealistic. The answer to these questions is also a process. The building succeeds a presented as a continuous process, not a single event. Mr Lewis, in his welcome letter, including a proposed plan of action. Please read this document carefully. Also, be sure to run the guided tour of the commercial services, in part 1 of this package which includes. Your success on the Internet began directly related, as good and faithful to complete each step. Do not jump or any influence the task. The work and dedication through this process will help your Internet shop optimally. The most important thing to keep me! We always find that our most successful traders are those that are seriously take your business on the Internet. These traffickers regularly devote time to the development of new products, as our customers are looking for: your presentation update and improve its performance. You can start building your first analysis only showcase and all relevant information available at your store. Simply go online. q: why my images not displayed correctly? A: if images are displayed incorrectly on your Web site, check these tips to solve problems: all images must be in the format. Jpg.GIF o.PNG. If you want to download the images are not in one of these formats, should use, an editor Reset Password of images (Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Fireworks, etc.) to convert and save images in one of the above formats. Then upload the image of the account again to format. How can design q: do I change my shop? A: you login to your account and choose from the menu of the site. Affiliate is the design of the grey card. On this tab, choose topics by clicking on the drawing. (Click on help in the creation of the tab page for more information) Q: my window are not visible changes to my clients? A: If someone changes, you must publish your shop. Otherwise, changes are not active (online) in your store. To publish your changes to your store, click on publish and click on publish to your store. Customers like you see changes to your direct window. Q: how with itself than a password-protected Web page? A: a counting function can create some access password-protected pages. Go to the tab edit on each side, grey down, forms, etc. and click on the button help. Follow the instructions in the help; They are the latest. The function of the password-protected page can be applied to many situations. This is the case if you want to offer certain products only in a group that is registered through its Web site. Or maybe you want exclusive information, newsletter, etc., to file only to the members of the group is accessible. Exclusive group within a Web site pages to determine what can be the reason. Q: can I change the password? A: to change your password, you must log in to your account and complete the initial configuration account. During this process, you can change the password. If you want to change your password after the initial account setup, go to the tab of the function in the account menu. Dual role of admin and the password change. (Follow the instructions on the password help page). Q: can I access my account password? A: Yes, see the tab of the menu functions account. On this tab, you can create roles, representing or people who need access to your Web site from home. After you create a role, you can assign the role to a password and establishing rights of access or permissions, eyelashes and the access to the function menu. For example, you must you have a role, the administrator of the site, access to all menus, tabs and show. Another role, such as the service to the client or dropshipper, may have limited access to only certain menus, such as customers, orders and statistics. (for more information account functions click Help for the tab. Q: what is the password? A: you go to the menu functions grey has A:. Double click on the Administrator role, or click the Add button. This opens the changing role of the database tab. Click the help button. It contains the password policy. Several packages can be the dealer different buyers, to offer the same products at different prices in a protected environment. This feature allows the use of multiple currencies and contains the correct syntax is. Price several opens a new world of possibilities for companies or international wholesale. ,,.